H300 Laser Welding Machine

H300 Laser Welding Machine



  The laser welding system utilizes the high thermal energy of laser power and concentrated fixed-point welding technology, which could effectively process the small parts and make up for the shortcoming of traditional argon arc welding technology. And it could greatly improve the strength and quality of welding by avoiding the thermal strain and after-treatment.

  [Scope of application]

  H300 laser welding machine is widely applied in the welding of various fine characters, fine work characters, mirror characters, titanium characters, galvanized plate characters, advertising characters, metal signs and LED metal character shells.


 Dema-laser welding machine
 Model:  H300
 Dimensions (length x width x height)  Small table 2900x900x1400
 Max.output power (W) ≈300W  ≈300W
 Electric control cabinet constant temperature control  Standard industrial constant temperature system
 Smoke  Exhaust standard
 Solder spot positioning  Red light fast positioning + CCD positioning
 Laser wavelength (um)  1064
 Max.energy of single pulse  110J
 Laser welding frequency (HZ)  0.5-40
 Laser welding depth (mm)  0.1-1.8
 Pulse width (ms)  0.5-20
 Spot size (mm)  0.2-2
 Machine power  4.5KW
 Focusing lens  F150
 Laser cavity  Ceramic cavity
 Laser power supply  Single power supply
 Power requirements  Single-phase 220 15% VAC 50Hz 40A