X6-1330 Laser Cutting Machine

X6-1330 Laser Cutting Machine



  The new "X6" introduces a series of new core technologies

  ■ Laser cutting machine designed with brand new concept for advertising industry.

  ■ The bed structure is welded by pipe welding structure and finished in one time,which experiencing heat treatment after forming. 

  ■ The whole machine adopts a unique rack and double-drive structure, which improves the stability and synchronization of the machine tool.

  ■ Equipped with an industrial-grade control system developed by the advertising industry to ensure fast and accurate data processing and motion control.

  ■ X6-1330 laser cutting machine equipped with highly flexible cables, it could effectively enhance the durability and stability for a long-firing operation.

  ■ Equipped with HASSFULL industrial-grade laser head that has been proven in Switzerland.

  ■ Equipped with the domestic leading MAX laser generator.

  [Applicable industries and materials]

  Advertising industry: stainless steel cutting, galvanized plate cutting, cold plate cutting, carbon steel plate cutting, various advertising metal plates, logo production.

  Industrial industry: cutting of titanium plates, metal hollows, handicrafts, stainless steel plates, cold plates, carbon steel plates, and various metal plates.


 Dema-Fiber laser-X6-1330
 Engraving & Laser Cutting Work Machine
 Dimensions  2300mm*4300mm*1900mm
 Working area  1300mm*3000mm
 Machine tool treatment  High temperature tempering treatment
 Control system  Shanghai WEIHONG control system
 Laser head  Manual focusing laser head
 Laser generator  Max continuous laser generator
 X/Y transmission form  Grinding rack
 Z transmission form  Ball screw
 Drive motor  High precision servo motor
 Drive rail  High precision grinding rail
 Transmission reduction  Planetary reducer
 Chiller  Industrial dual-control chiller
 Electrical components  Schneider
 Air Conditioner  1HP industrial grade inverter air conditioner
 Pneumatic components  High pressure solenoid valve
 Air pressure control  Precision pressure reducing valve
 Lubrication and oil injection  Automatic oil injection
 Control cabinet  Embedded control cabinet, independent console
 Working voltage  AC380/50HZ
 Maximum moving speed  60m/min
 Maximum working speed  30m/min