G6-2513 Engraving & Cutting Work Machine

G6-2513 Engraving & Cutting Work Machine



  ■ A heavy-duty machining center suits for gravity cutting.

  ■ The bed structure is welded by the whole plate and finished in one time,which experiencing heat treatment after forming. 

  ■ The whole machine adopts a unique table top bearing structure, which improves the machining accuracy and vibration resistance of the machine tool.

  ■ With the help of PVC vacuum adsorption platform and aluminum alloy pressure groove, the material could be strongly fixed in the working table.

  ■ Weihong control system could ensure fast speed running, smooth bottom surface and clear outline.

  G6-2513 engraving & cutting work machine equipped with highly flexible cables, it could effectively enhance the durability and stability for a long-firing operation.

  ■The rotary tool magazine developed directionally can clamp 8 tools at a time.


  [Applicable industries and materials]

  Advertising industry: Acrylic cutting, MDF cutting, two-color board engraving, various advertising panels, logo production.

  Furniture industry:It could cut and engrave various wood furniture, like solid furniture, mahogany furniture and antique furniture.

  Sheet processing industry: insulating parts, plasticized parts, PCB, anti-fold special board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixed compounds.

  Handicraft industry: can be used in artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, organic glass, copper and aluminum.

  Decoration industry: Carving various exquisite patterns and characters on screens, wave boards, bamboo, marble, organic boards, two-color boards and other materials.


 Dema industry-G6-2513
 Engraving & Cutting Work Machine
 Dimensions  2000mm*3280mm*1880mm
 Working area  1220mm*2400mm
 Machine tool treatment  High temperature tempering treatment
 Control System  WEIHONG Industrial Control System
 X/Y/Z transmission form  High precision ball screw 
 Drive rail  High precision grinding rail
 Transmission servo motor  Precision control servo motor
 Automatic tool change  Equipped with 8 tool magazines
 Oil cooler  Oil cooler
 Spindle motor  Industrial-grade constant power 7.5KW
 Vacuum pump  7.5KW Aluminum turbo vacuum pump 7.5KW
 Electrical components  Schneider
 Spindle speed  24000r/min
 Vacuum head  Standard vacuum head
 Counter-top structure  Regional vacuum adsorption
 Lubrication and oil filling  Automatic oil filling of the whole machine
 Control cabinet  Independent control cabinet
 Electric cabinet thermostat control  Standard industrial thermostat control system
 Working voltage  AC380/50HZ
 Max. moving speed  50m/min
 Max. working speed  15m/min
 Occupied overall dimensions  X-direction 4500mm/ Y-direction 2800mm


G6 case