M3-CCD-1325 Engraving & Cutting Work Machine

M3-CCD-1325 Engraving & Cutting Work Machine


  Not the same, very different. The perfect combination of UV printing and CNC cutting.


  ■ A CCD automatic edge patrol cutting machine

  ■ The bed structure is welded by the whole plate and finished in one time,which experiencing heat treatment after forming. 

  ■ The whole machine adopts a unique rack and double-drive structure, which improves the stability and tensile resistance of the machine tool.

  ■ With the help of PVC vacuum adsorption platform and aluminum alloy pressure groove, the material could be strongly fixed in the working table.

  ■ Weihong control system could ensure fast speed running, smooth bottom surface and clear outline.

  [Applicable industries and materials]

  Advertising industry: Acrylic cutting, MDF cutting, two-color board engraving, various advertising panels, and logo production.

  Furniture industry:It could cut and engrave various wood furniture, like solid furniture, mahogany furniture and antique furniture.

  Sheet processing industry: insulating parts, plasticized parts, PCB, anti-fold special board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixed compounds.

  Handicraft industry: can be used in artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, organic glass, copper and aluminum.

  Decoration industry: carving various exquisite patterns and characters on screens, wave boards, bamboo, marble, organic boards, two-color boards and other materials.


 Dema industry-M3-CCD-1325 
 Engraving & Cutting Work Machine
 Dimensions  2100mm*3280mm*1880mm
 Working area  1220mm*2400mm
 Machine tool processing  High temperature tempering treatment
 Control System  Automatic patrol control system
 X/Y transmission form  Grinding rack
 Transmission deceleration  Planetary reducer
 Drive rail  High precision grinding guide
 Z transmission form  High precision ball screw
 Drive motor  High precision servo motor
 Spindle motor Constant power 5.5KW water-cooled spindle
 Vacuum pump  Aluminum turbo vacuum pump 7.5KW
 Electrical components  Schneider
 Spindle speed  24000r/min
 Vacuum head  Standard vacuum head
 Countertop structure  Area vacuum adsorption
 Lubrication  Automatic oil filling of the whole machine
 Control cabinet  Independent control cabinet
 Operating Voltage  AC220/50HZ/AC380/50HZ
 Maximum speed  30m/min
 Working speed  15m/min
 Overall dimensions  X direction 3600mm/ Y direction 3600mm